Our Brand Identity and Website Design For PEHRI

Brand Identity and Website Design Project – Our number one goal as a digital media agency is to connect businesses to their world. We were and still very excited to work on the Patient Empowerment and Health Rights Initiative (PEHRI) project.

The brief was for us to create a well deserving brand identity and website platform that represent what the brand stands for.

The Patients Empowerment and Healthcare Rights Initiative is an independent and not-for-profit, non-religious and non-political organization committed to championing the course for improved overall patient care and positive health outcomes.

Brand Identity
The icon in the brand identity signifies PEHRI lifting patients and people with health rights related matters up and caring for them, ensuring they get the justice they deserve. Please see the default brand identity design for PEHRI below

website design

The Website design 
Nonprofit organizations may not have souls, but their website is one of the most important ways that the public interacts with them. With this in mind, we set out to create a simple, minimalist, straightforward and easy to navigate website for PEHRI. We integrated an online payment platform to enable the organization to receive local and international donations from donors, stakeholders, friends and concerned citizens. We also created a dedicated page to receive details of citizens who would like to volunteer their time, skills and resources for the cause.

To ensure the website and details of website visitors are secured, we added a second level security to the website with SSL certificate, all transactions performed on the platform are strictly secured.

Every citizen has a right to affordable health care service. Health services paid for should be adequately and professionally delivered regardless of the patient’s status or financial capacity. Please visit www.pehri.org/donate to give towards the cause and www.pehri.org/volunteer to volunteer your time and skills.

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